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Anago is a rapidly growing organization that creates intelligent software to help businesses improve their planning processes. We achieve this through our innovative Low-Code development platform, Anago Assemble. Our developers build the foundation of this platform, providing the basis for our consultants. They identify planning issues at the client’s end and collaboratively determine the best solution that suits them perfectly. Organizations approach us with various planning problems, and we create customized planning solutions for them. These solutions are continually developed based on customer feedback. Here are three examples:

  1. A major airline is facing challenges in the inflow and outflow of aircraft engines, leading to frequent delays in the repair process. We develop a central planning tool to shorten the turnaround time.
  2. Employees of a government organization experience high workload due to difficulty managing numerous files. We provide supporting software to prioritize files with the highest urgency in the planning process.
  3. A large call center needs a scheduling solution to ensure enough employees are available, speaking the right language to assist customers worldwide within the specified response time. We assist with capacity planning, making employee deployment more efficient.

In addition to hard work, we also value the camaraderie of Brabant. A pleasant atmosphere in the office is important to us, and we enjoy daily shared lunches, coffee breaks, and regular outings. Our office is shared with our sister company Cogix, focusing on education. While working partly from home is an option, you’ll have to make your own sandwiches.

At Anago, there are multiple opportunities to develop yourself during your studies. We have work-student positions in various roles, including development, consultancy, and HR/marketing. We offer flexible and challenging work, making it compatible with your studies. There are also opportunities to write your thesis with us.

Many of our consultants started as students at Anago. Working alongside them, you’ll apply your knowledge to real-world planning issues. We are eager to hear your perspective on our software and planning challenges, encouraging you to contribute to our solutions. This way, we can learn a lot from each other.

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