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Recently graduated or about to graduate? Start your career!

Are you a bachelor’s or master’s graduate looking to kick-start your career? Plenty of job offers, but how do you make the best choice? Where can you learn the most as an employee? What kind of work aligns best with your education, interests, and skills? And what truly makes you happy? iTrainee is here to help you answer these questions, launch your career, and guide you to the employer that suits you best.

Our traineeship provides you with the opportunity to discover what excites you. We expose you to a variety of business trajectories, ranging from HR to Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Logistics. Simultaneously, we work on enhancing your IT knowledge. Why? Because IT plays an essential role in daily business operations, and every part of an organization relies on IT. By developing your IT knowledge and skills, you enhance your prospects in the job market.

We closely collaborate with organizations such as Heineken, ASML, Rabobank, Hema, Deloitte, and Atos. Additionally, we work with smaller and medium-sized companies, ensuring we can offer you the perfect environment to launch your career. We have over 120 clients for you to kick-start your career! Leveraging our in-depth knowledge, we will partner with you to find the perfect match. Once a match is found, you’ve secured your employer, and a permanent contract awaits you!


– Trained over 1000+ trainees
– We play a game of table tennis every day!
– Who dares to race against our CEO?!

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