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About Jumbo Supermarkets


Jumbo is a family company from the Dutch province of North-Brabant and enjoys a rich history of successful entrepreneurship. As it currently stands, Jumbo boasts almost 700 supermarkets, 8 food-markets and a thriving online order and delivery service.


Additionally, Jumbo started with the new convenience store concept in which elements of the regular Jumbo shops, food-market and La Place restaurants are combined. Jumbo’s goal herein is to make tasty and healthy food readily available for everyone. Jumbo has a specific formula meaning best service, largest assortment and lowest price, which enables customers to trust Jumbo’s  “7 guarantees”. By putting the customer in pole position, Jumbo has become one of the most valued supermarket chains in the Netherlands. It is not for nothing that Jumbo has been voted the best supermarket in Holland by the GFK 16 times! In 2009, Jumbo took over the supermarket chain Super de Boer and in 2012, C1000 (the even bigger supermarket chain) followed. In 2016, Jumbo took over the food service formula La Place. In 2018, the takeover of EMTÉ was completed; and through these takeovers, Jumbo was able to transform from local supermarket company to a nationwide and leading retailer in Holland. Have I made you curious ? Please go to www.jumbo.com or www.jobs.jumbo.com


Working at Jumbo

Working at Jumbo is more than just a job. You are part of a special family of people who all want to work together to win (by way of an entrepreneurial spirit). Jumbo people are bold, and like to take big steps and dare to dream !! Do you have the Jumbo DNA?


100.000 employees
21,5% market share
700 supermarkets

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