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Strict helps organizations achieve their digital ambitions, providing independent advice and result-oriented guidance in implementing innovative technology. We ensure that organizations become, are, and remain agile and data-driven. Our team of independent, dedicated professionals guarantees results.

In an integrated manner, we assist companies in handling digital developments in an agile way. We help clients organize and implement innovations using a short-cycle approach. This allows our clients to quickly access innovations offered by the market. As an enabler of innovations, we aim to be a leader in digital strategic consulting and guidance for companies during their transformation.

We handle projects from A to Z and are not afraid to provide a result guarantee. With the Strict Project Approach, complex customer journeys are broken down into manageable steps. Each step provides a concrete result and clear decision-making for a transition to the next phase. This gives our clients a good understanding of the progress during the journey, with risks being mitigated to the maximum.

Strict Young Professionals

For newcomers, we offer the Strict Young Professionals traineeship. More and more organizations face IT challenges, requiring not only IT professionals who code from their laptops or lay cables but also professionals who can translate business issues into IT solutions. In our IT traineeship, we guide ambitious starters so they can fulfill this role.

Our Young Professionals undergo specialized training to help organizations with their IT challenges. They work with key organizations in the Netherlands, supporting the successful completion of projects, contributing to innovative solutions, or bridging the gap between IT and business.

Of course, our ambitious talents are not alone. Strict senior consultants guide and support them in their projects. Additionally, they continue to develop themselves through training and personal development coaching.


More than 120 colleagues
Companies such as Schiphol, Port of Rotterdam, and NS rely on our consultants and project managers
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