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VVA assists organizations with a social mission in their digital transformation. We do this both through emerging technologies and innovations, as well as project management and consultancy focused on the current operations of – and in collaboration with – our clients. VVA consists of five different business units:

  • Informatization – “We support social organizations in their digital transformation by executing advisory assignments, interim tasks, and projects at a strategic-tactical level, at the intersection of organization and ICT.”
  • Innovatization – “Boosts the adoption of innovations and promotes efficient and secure practices in digitization.”
  • Intelligent Workforce – “Ensures more challenging work, more efficient business operations, and creates space for things that can make a difference.”
  • Digicoaching – “Assists employees with their digital challenges and skills for sustainable workforce readiness and optimal returns from ICT investments.”
  • Security & Privacy – “As a partner, provides a comprehensive package of security and privacy products and services to keep digital transformations secure.”

On our website you can find more information about these business units

VVA and you as a student consultant

We find it important to experience this adventure in collaboration with students as much as possible. Students inspire us with their passionate energy and keep us sharp with their fresh and uninhibited contributions to projects. Because we have found the input from students to be extremely valuable over the years, we also want to provide an ideal place for students to further develop themselves personally and professionally from our side. Every student at VVA undergoes a traineeship with us, where they can sharpen their skills and knowledge while helping organizations progress. With this combined effort, we not only make strides in projects but also have a lot of fun together.

We offer various opportunities for students to fill the role of Student Consultant with us. To create a win-win-win situation, at the beginning of your role as a student consultant, we will look at where your talents and interests lie, to match them as effectively as possible with the opportunities we provide. You can find more details about the role on our website!

Graduating VVA

VVA is known for its innovative character. In addition to encouraging young talent and innovative projects, we also lead the market in academic research at the intersection of business and ICT. We consider it important to relate the latest trends and developments to practical cases. We have guided graduates on topics such as Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, Gamification, AI, Data-driven organizations, and much more! We enjoy brainstorming potential thesis topics. In addition to academically trained business consultants, we also have extensive experience guiding the entire thesis process. Graduating with a high grade is therefore more of a rule than an exception with us!

Interested in a role as a student consultant? Apply through our website or send a message to Mark or Laura. We would love to have a conversation with you to explore your career opportunities with our firm!


Positioning: bridging the gap between business and IT

40 (young) professionals, including approximately 15 Student Consultants

Flat organization, no management functions, organized around themes and roles

Clients: 150+ corporations, Aedes, CorpoNet, Healthcare, Education, Sports

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