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Finding your dream career in a world full of options and opportunities can be hard. Therefore, a few years ago, the ECP was brought to life. The platform should be the bridge between companies and Industrial Engineering students. Before the release of the ECP, both companies and students had difficulties in finding the connections and create the perfect match between students and opportunities. This makes the ECP a great solution for bringing the two together. ECP offers opportunities such as internships, Bachelor End Projects, student jobs, master theses, and starting positions. 

The platform offers a vast range of available industries. Examples are consultancy, supply chain, data science & IT, and manufacturing. All companies can put vacancies on the platform to find the required student for their career opportunity. This ensures that there is always something available for every type of student. Currently, the ECP hosts over 50 different vacancies and thus has proven to be the solution for the difficulty in finding the right opportunity. A platform like ECP requires constant evaluation and innovation. Therefore, the ECP committee takes the platform into their guard. The current committee consists of Bram van der Pluijm, Julian de Rozario, Rogier Zondag, Daniel Revet and Didier van Lieshout, the officer of external affairs of the Industria Board.

By constant evaluation and increasing awareness, the ultimate goal of the platform is to become the platform for career opportunities for all students in Eindhoven. Besides, we are aiming to keep a diversified range of job opportunities, to maximize the chance for students to find a job opportunity to suits their interests bests. So, if you are looking for an interesting job, master thesis, bachelor end project or a student job? Then have a scroll at the ECP. Are you looking for an ambitious Industrial Engineering student? Then do not hesitate and get in contact!

Meet the Team

Bram van der Pluijm
Marketing / UX

Meet Bram!

Bram is a 5th year Industrial Engineering student at the TU/e. He has work experience at KLM by performing an apprenticeship at its Innovation and Development department. Bram is responible for the marketing of ECP, and works on UX of the website. Furthermore Bram has interests in gastronomy and wines, which ensures that group dinners are always well enjoyed.  

Julian de Rozario
Data Analytics

Meet Julian!

Julian is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Operations Management & Logistics at TU/e. With prior experience as a Data Analyst at Online Klik, he specializes in analyzing data and creating insightful visualizations using PowerBI. Julian holds a key role in managing the online marketing activities for ECP. Beyond his academic and professional pursuits, Julian has a passion for traveling and engaging in watersports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Rogier Zondag
Web Developer / UI

Meet Rogier,

Rogier just started his masters in Operations Mangement and Logistics at the TU/e. Last year he finished his BEP at Rhenus Logistics where his research focused on waste minimization in the pallet packing process. Rogier has his own company in marketing and web development. Therefore, he is responsible for improving the platform. Besides ECP, Rogier plays hockey, likes to cook and is enthusiastic to explore the world. 

Didier van Lieshout
Didier van Lieshout
External Relations

Meet Didier!

Didier is a 4th year Industrial Engineering student who already finished his Bachelors degree. Currently he is the officer of External Relations of study association Industria. Didier has working experience at ProDrive Technologies as a Lead Logistics Handler, and at Lely by implementing a preventive maintenance model on their most important machine. Didier is responsible for maintaining a good relationships with all partners on the ECP platform. Furthermore, he is an enthusiastic Hockey player, who also likes to hit golfballs once in a while.  

Daniël Revet
Daniel Revet

Meet Daniel!

Daniel, currently in his second year of pursuing a degree in industrial engineering at the TU/e, has recently taken on the role of Acquisition at ECP. When he is not studying or working, Daniel takes pleasure in mountain biking or going for a run.