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We are Kaizen Institute, an international consulting organization specializing in Continuous Improvement. We make a difference by observing what is happening on the shop floor.

Supply Value is a leading consultancy firm in the fields of Procurement, Supply Chain, Operations, and Digitalization.

We are experts in digital transformation, inspiration, and innovation. Together, we strive for a sustainable positive impact on individuals and organizations. You make the difference with your knowledge and fresh perspective!

Amgen is a leading innovator in the world of biotechnology. Our mission is to serve every patient every time to help them fight the world toughest deceases. Join Amgen for a meaningful career or internship!

GXO is a leading global provider of game-changing logistics solutions to companies in every major industry. We have a passion for innovation and a talent for helping our customers succeed. Our ultimate vision: create game-changing opportunities for the world’s best companies!

Dutch Beauty Group, a major player in the Dutch cosmetics industry since 2020, formed by the merger of MOOI parfumerie and Parfumswinkel. Our longstanding commitment to customer-friendly service continues. Explore exciting career opportunities with our young, dynamic team in this rapidly growing com

Strict helps organizations realize their digital ambitions. From independent advice to result-oriented guidance in the implementation of innovative technology, we ensure that organizations become, are, and remain agile and data-driven.

Eindhoven Engine is a leading innovation platform that focuses on accelerating technological advancements. We bring together companies, knowledge institutions, and startups to collaborate on innovative projects.

Mars has proudly been a family-run business for more than 100 years. Independent. It is this independence that gives us the freedom to think in generations rather than quarters, so that we can invest in the long-term future of our business, people and the planet, guided by our 5 principles.

Online Klik is a full-service online marketing agency that helps businesses achieve online success through a range of services, including paid advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing automation, and social media marketing.