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Strict helpt organisaties hun digitale ambities waar te maken. Van onafhankelijk advies tot en met de resultaatgerichte begeleiding bij de implementatie van innovatieve technologie. Wij zorgen dat organisaties wendbaar en datadriven worden, zijn en blijven. Ons team van onafhankelijke, betrokken pro

Eindhoven Engine is a leading innovation platform that focuses on accelerating technological advancements. We bring together companies, knowledge institutions, and startups to collaborate on innovative projects.

Mars has proudly been a family-run business for more than 100 years. Independent. It is this independence that gives us the freedom to think in generations rather than quarters, so that we can invest in the long-term future of our business, people and the planet, guided by our 5 principles.

Online Klik is a full-service online marketing agency that helps businesses achieve online success through a range of services, including paid advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing automation, and social media marketing.

Advantech is developing technology to enable an intelligent planet. From life-saving medical equipment to movie projectors providing your Saturday entertainment, there are Advantech computers all around you. We are happy to deliver state of the art technology in a wide variety of industries.

Anago is een snelgroeiende organisatie die slimme software maakt waarmee we bedrijven helpen beter te plannen.

We support High Tech Manufacturing companies to compete globally. We support our customers to produce smarter, quicker and better. In close cooperation with our customers we enable operational processes to reach world class level, shorten time to market with higher yields and lower costs.

Kick-start your career at one of the most sustainable and dynamic companies in the Dutch food industry.

We are dedicated taking the Food- and Manufacturing industry to the next level. We do this by matching the right person with the right position, sharing our network and acting as a solid consulting partner for your career.

Wij zijn PI Marketing, hét tofste 9+ Marketing Automation bureau van Nederland! And we create marketing HapPIness together!