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Innovation Acceleration at Eindhoven Engine

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1 hours/week

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Dutch & English

The problems that impact our world today are complex, and the urgency with which they present themselves necessitates rapid breakthrough innovation. The Eindhoven Engine has taken on this challenge and strives to improve the innovation speed in the Brainport Region.

Inspired by some of the world’s most renown institutes, its aim is to create an open, inspiring, and vibrant innovation environment in which talented people (academics, professionals, and students) from various disciplines join forces and share knowledge, expertise, and ideas to develop revolutionary technologies that will help to tackle societal problems. The Eindhoven Engine currently has 26 projects running in very diverse application areas, including healthcare, civil engineering, energy transition. By connecting these projects (co-location, webinars, mini-workshops), transforming mind-sets, and sponsoring extra activities to stimulate interaction and cross-fertilization, the innovation speed of the projects and the region improves.

The challenges of the Eindhoven Engine are diverse and continuously evolving. Working together, people with complementary strengths, knowledge, skills, and networks have the potential to turn nascent ideas into game-changing solutions. But such intellectual collaboration is not without its obstacles and requests game changing management. Highly ambitious teams may crumble under the weight of their potential when conflicting perspectives, personality clashes, and power struggles threaten team cohesion, trust, and information sharing, thereby inhibiting teams’ competitive edge and hampering their overall effectiveness.

There are various possible assignments in the domain of organization design and management, human interactions (trust, knowledge sharing, problem solving) creativity and innovation, and life-long learning.


What does Eindhoven Engine offer you? 

  • Challenging projects: You will have the opportunity to be part of exciting and innovative projects. You will collaborate with leading companies and experts in different fields, gaining valuable experience and insights.
  • Professional guidance: You will be mentored by experienced professionals who will support you in your development and growth. They will help you develop your skills in business innovation, project management and collaboration.
  • Networking: At Eindhoven Engine you will be part of an extensive network of innovators, entrepreneurs and experts from different disciplines. This offers you valuable opportunities to expand your professional network and make valuable contacts for your future career.
  • Inspiring environment: You will work in an environment buzzing with innovation and creativity. Eindhoven Engine is located in the heart of the innovative Eindhoven region, where technology and design come together. You will be surrounded by inspiring people and stimulating ideas.