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Young Professional – Supply Chain Management Traineeship

Job Type:


40 hours/week




Dutch Only

Start your career in the world of Supply Chain Management and become a Young Professional!

  • Are you a starter with boundless ambition and passion for the world of supply chain?
  • Does efficiency and less waste make your heart beat faster?
  • Do you want to discover where your strengths and talents lie?
  • And do you want to gain more practical experience?

If so, you are the perfect candidate for Slimstock’s Young Professional program!

Different facets of our company

At Slimstock we work with our software Slim4 to help customers optimise their supply chain. As we are a privately owned company, we do everything ourselves. From Sales & Marketing, Training & Consulting, Data analyst & Research, and Development & Security.

Practical knowledge is key

To be a knowledge company and a leader in the world of supply chain, we need to be on top of our game. Therefore we need to understand the business and the struggles our customers face on a daily basis.

Personal development

To excel as a company, we need the best people. To make sure you feel like your best self we spend time on personal development. Including personal colour tests, individual coaching and focusing on your specific talents and preferences.

Young Professional Community

The best way to learn is by collaborating with peers, that is why you will always work side-by-side with several other Young professionals. Each month you will come together to discuss difficult topics within the organisation. Next to this, provide you with a great journey as young professional we also focus on team building activities, onside events and company visits. All to experience the Slimstock motto: Work hard, Play hard.

The road map of a young professional

The life of a young professional will look different for everyone. The program consists of four blocks, and each block has its own focus. The focus of the projects you take on during these blocks can differ based on your personal journey. They can differ between Consultancy, Sales, Data analysis, Development, Academy or internal improvement. And could be international , as we offer our knowledge and support in more than 50 countries around the world. You are the driver of your career, you determine your focus.

We do not have fixed start dates, if we believe this is the next step in your career, you can start immediately.

Want to know more?

Visit the Slimstock website or contact Nathalie Krikke HR Netherlands, via 06-45637025 or