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IT Traineeship – business IT consultancy & projectmanagement

Job Type:


40 hours/week

Field of interest:





Dutch Only

Are you on the verge of completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree and eager to kickstart your career in IT as a consultant or project manager? Are you excited about furthering your development to assist organizations in innovating and implementing digital changes, enhancing their agility and resilience? Explore our traineeship because Strict Young Professionals (SYP) is seeking talented individuals who wish to operate at the intersection of business and IT, and you don’t need an IT or technical education for this!

What does your journey look like?

A junior consultant at SYP blends business-oriented thinking and analytical skills with technical execution. It’s completely fine if you don’t know everything yet because, from day 1, we’re here to support you. As a consultant, you’ll have the opportunity to gain experience in various projects within our young talent program. The specific project will be determined together with you. In any case, they are innovative projects in the areas of project management, digital strategy, or IT transformations for clients such as Schiphol, Dutch Police, NS (Dutch Railways), and the Princess Máxima Center.

We will assist you with your technical skills, but especially with your personal development. You will follow the “Hero’s Journey” program with a focus on motivations, personal leadership, and living & working from a sense of purpose by using the inner compass. You’ll receive personal coaching as part of this program. The management training sessions are provided by Utrecht University. Additionally, you will have guidance from a senior Strict colleague with whom you can regularly discuss your challenges, and you’ll have a trainee buddy who is there for you when needed.

The ideal way to start your career! The traineeship has a monthly intake. You start your traineeship as a group with other high potentials. Together, you’ll undergo development and growth in these two years. At the end of the two-year traineeship, you can move on to Strict or work with one of your clients!

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