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Student Consultant (job) – Flexible 0-hours

Job Type:


16 hours/week


Roosendaal / Flexibel


Dutch Only

Are you a student with an ongoing academic education? Would you like to gain some experience alongside your studies and make an impact within various societal organizations? We would like to get to know you!

VVA is looking for ambitious students who want to combine theory and practice as a stepping stone for a professional career.


VVA helps organizations with a societal mission in their digital transformation. We do this both from emerging technologies and innovations and project management and advisory work on the current operations of – and together with – our clients. VVA consists of five different business units: informatization, innovatization, intelligent workforce, security & privacy, and DigiCoaching. More information about these five business units can be found on our website. We would like to talk to you to determine which tasks within the business unit(s) align with your ambitions and interests. This way, we create a win-win situation.

The Team

At VVA, you have the chance to work on challenging assignments. Additionally, you’ll be part of a young and dynamic team that brings out the best in each other. This enables you to give your career a flying start. Our team consists of ambitious colleagues with broad market knowledge and interest in our field.

What does your week look like at VVA as a Student Consultant?

We offer the ideal part-time job for students!

You, as a Student Consultant, contribute to the success of these exciting projects. This is done in an enthusiastic team with fellow Student and Business Consultants. The benefits listed:

  • Possibility to work hybrid and flexibly schedule your days. This allows you to work more when your study is less demanding and reduce hours when exams approach.
  • Aligns with your study.
  • A professional, driven, and inspiring working environment.
  • Get a glimpse into the client’s operations, where you’ll learn about different systems and processes. With your analytical thinking and good guidance, you can immediately add value to the client.
  • Work on innovative solutions using new(er) technologies such as RPA or AI.
  • Develop your knowledge and skills, enhancing your CV!
  • A competitive salary of €13.50 per hour, with the possibility to move up each year.
  • Prospects for an internship or employment as a Junior Business Consultant or Junior Digicoach, following this part-time job.
  • If you don’t have a student public transportation pass, a suitable expense/travel allowance will be provided.
  • Enjoyable team activities such as drinks, events, visits to innovative companies, valuable workshops, etc.
  • Develop your business skills by participating in our traineeship program and attend inspiring workshops and training sessions designed specifically for our students.


When you join VVA, you automatically participate in our traineeship program. The traineeship is designed to steepen your learning curve, aiming to develop you faster as a young professional. It also ensures that you become more familiar and comfortable with VVA. The total program consists of various workshops where you work on topics that help you grow into the role of a consultant in one of our business units. The workshops within the traineeship are:

  • Intelligent Workforce
  • Presenting
  • Information Security and Privacy
  • Project Management
  • Time Management
  • Writing Texts

The workshops are all interactive, making them not only educational but also enjoyable to attend. You work with your buddy to discuss the content of the workshops and determine what you want to get out of them. As a conclusion to the traineeship, a light Personal Growth Plan is created. This plan serves as a guide for the first six months after the traineeship.

What we ask for?

  • Currently pursuing a university degree, preferably in Business Informatics, Information Management, or an ICT-related field.
  • On Fridays, your presence is expected at our office in Roosendaal (if your schedule allows).
  • Affinity with IT is desired.
  • Ambitious and striving for quality.
  • Enjoy a varied work environment and visiting clients.
  • Identify with our core values: flexible, innovative, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and connecting.
  • You’re up for team-building activities and social gatherings.

Does a role as a student consultant sound appealing to you? Apply through our website or send a message to Mark or Laura. We would love to talk to you to explore your career opportunities with our agency!