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Dutch & English

Launching great careers

Are you a recent graduate, either with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, eager to kickstart your career? With plenty of job offers on the table, how do you make the best choice? Which employer offers the most learning opportunities? What type of work aligns with your education, interests, and skills? And, most importantly, where will you find true satisfaction?

iTrainee is here to help you answer these questions, launch your career, and guide you to the employer that best suits you.

Learn everything about business processes and IT with iTrainee!
In our traineeship, you will be introduced to various business areas, including HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Logistics. This allows you to discover what suits you best. All of this is combined with a focus on IT. Why? Because IT plays an essential role in daily business operations, intertwining with all domains within organizations. With knowledge and skills in IT, your opportunities in the job market significantly increase.

Deepen your understanding with SAP
The world’s most widely used business software is SAP. Organizations such as Hema, Heineken, ASML, Deloitte, KLM, and Nationale Nederlanden use this software. SAP is not only interesting for those with a technical background but also for those who have completed a business-related study. SAP revolves around optimizing business processes in logistics, HR, sales, marketing, finance, management information, and procurement. Over 77% of all global business processes are connected to an SAP system. As a young, talented consultant with knowledge of SAP and associated business processes, you become highly sought after.

What can you achieve with the traineeship?
Hundreds of talented, young trainees have paved the way before you. They have been assisted in launching their careers as consultants in various fields, business analysts, BI specialists, developers, or other areas of expertise. You could, for example, work on developing new applications in healthcare, automating warehouses with robotics, or setting up new processes in a finance department. The choice is yours, and many of our trainees advance to different roles, such as team leader or manager, within three to five years. Some even start their own ventures. The sky’s the limit!

How does the traineeship look?
When you join iTrainee, you embark on a challenging training program. In the first three months, you undergo SAP training under the guidance of experienced trainers. This aligns well with the studies you’ve just completed, introducing you to the business side of IT and providing hands-on experience with the technical aspects of the software. You also develop your soft skills, essential consulting skills applicable in teamwork, feedback, persuasion, planning, and organizing.

Matching & Specialization: Your perfect match is our top priority!
Throughout your traineeship, we search for an employer that aligns with your preferences. We consider your dream job, location, industry, direction, and, of course, the company culture that suits you best. Once we find a match and both parties are satisfied after the introduction, we collaboratively create a training plan with your employer.

Depending on your role, you’ll specialize in a specific direction. During this specialization, you learn the ins and outs of the field. This trajectory varies for each trainee, and for some roles, you may need to obtain additional certificates. Once your specialization is complete, you’ll work full-time with your employer for the remainder of your 15-month traineeship.

Not just for IT professionals
You hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree, preferably in a business, financial, logistical, or organizational field. Specific IT background is not required for our traineeship – a strong aptitude for math and an interest in the IT field are more crucial. We test your capabilities beforehand to ensure you can follow the training and have the motivation to work in IT. We’ll teach you the rest.

In summary, why choose iTrainee?
During our traineeship, you get the chance to discover your passion and specialize in it. You also develop workplace skills and ensure a smooth landing with an employer that truly fits you. As an SAP consultant, you’re highly sought after in the job market, with plenty of opportunities for growth in your field!

What’s next?
If you think this is something for me and  you want to know if you qualify for an iTrainee traineeship, take the test! If you have questions or want to meet for an introduction, don’t hesitate to contact our Campus Lead, Britt, at
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